I have always believed that great leadership starts with self. My purpose is to empower leaders with the confidence and courage to be a role model who will lead the way and in turn empower their team to be leaders and build fantastic cultures of high performance.

There are five ways you can make this happen



take you business, culture and team to a new level of high performance


The Role Model Effect Program

be a game changer and lead the way



elevate your thinking and achieve your success


Keynote Speaking

inspiring and engaging – you’ll be challenged to think differently



practical and insightful – designed to elevate your performance

Hi, I’m Julie

Never before has there been a more challenging time to be a leader and equally, never before has there been a more exciting time.

There are no rules to leadership anymore.

This is a huge opportunity for leaders to find what works for them in a constantly changing environment and lead by example to show others what is possible. They now have the creative license to continually evolve, to bring human back to leadership and really make a difference for those around them.

More about me

Julie has partnered with the Via team for some years now and has implemented various strategies and frameworks to support the growth and development of our people and to ensure a supportive culture. These initiatives have meant we are proactive with our People Management and as the team has grown we have maintained an inclusive culture that is aligned with our values. Engagement levels are great and productivity has improved. Julie’s support and experience in this area is invaluable.

F BambinoManaging Director – Via Architects

Joining Julie’s mentor program was an easy decision to have 12 months of laser focus on strengthening my personal success. The value for me is in taking time out to dig deeper into what success means for me, challenging my thinking and gaining some great new tools and techniques. The commitment holds me accountable to making it happen. Oh and did I mention its also great fun too!

C DuncanGeneral Manager & Director

Julie Hyde is an engaging, motivating, passionate person. Who’s genuine desire to make a difference comes through in her “Busy” workshop and mentoring program.
Her approach is so real, honest and inspiring. It doesn’t matter what industry or walk of life you come from, you definitely walk away with some true value. Julie’s extensive leadership & business experience shine’s through in her workshops leaving the audience wanting more as the content is so very relevant and proven.

B GrenfellRegional Executive BOM

I work with some awesome clients