Julie Hyde is a leader of leaders.

She’s a disruptor and a powerful people enabler who helps leaders make big things happen

What I do

People and 21st century leadership skills is what I am really obsessed about. I believe that people are the power in any business. When we have leaders who are relevant and lead with influence, coupled with an engaged and energised team immersed in an inclusive and supportive culture the magic can really happen.

It’s when we are in control of busy that allows us to really embrace and nurture our people. We can calm the chaos and lead the way and we can provide a platform for our people to step up and lead. That is when we all achieve, when we work better together and create fantastic results both internally and externally.

I strongly believe that we are all leaders, regardless of title, and we have the opportunity to make a difference every day.

This is why I work with leaders every day to do just that.

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Why me?

I have learnt a lot along my journey. I enjoyed a successful 21-year corporate career where I led teams large and small to deliver strong results in a very competitive industry. I have transformed poor performance and toxic cultures to be one of the best in the business. I worked with inspiring leaders and those on the other end of the spectrum!

Ten years ago I decided to start my own business taking everything I knew from my corporate days to work with SME’s and entrepreneurs. Two years ago I decided to write my first book called Busy? and have been speaking and training intensively on the back of that.

Essentially I am a consultant, speaker and trainer.

What I bring to the table is a unique blend of the experience of having been there, at a senior level in corporate balancing the multiple demands of leading teams and delivering to stakeholders, and the fact that I am also running a small business. This has taught me to be much more agile and adaptable and to think outside the square which small business owners must. Also to play on the edge a little bit! It’s a blend that works.

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