The Role Model Effect Program

“A leaders most powerful ally is his or her own example. Leaders don’t just talk about doing something, they do it.”

John Wooden

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The Role Model Effect program is designed for those who want to step up in their leadership, achieve growth, play a bigger game and be a leader of influence. The effect you can create by being a strong role model is limitless, for you and for those around you.

95% of a leaders’ activity is unconscious. This has a profound effect on the way the relationship between the leader and their people unfolds and the results they create.

You are a role model whether you are conscious of it or not. You don’t need a title to be a leader or role model; you simply need to want to make a difference. However, do understand that if you have the title of a leader or manager, you are a role model.

The question is are you making a positive or negative impact, or perhaps worse – not making an impact at all?

What is a role model ?

“Great leaders don’t tell you what to do, they show you how it’s done”


A role model is someone who inspires others to emulate their behaviour by leading by example.


A positive role model shows others what is possible and encourages, challenges and supports them to achieve their goals. They are a leader of INFLUENCE.


A role model is not someone who leads with ego or leads from above, but someone who leads from within.


Interestingly, a role model can inspire positive or negative behaviours! People can be role models without being conscious of it and sometimes inspire others to emulate negative or poor behaviour. Think about the worst boss or leader you ever had (we’ve all had one!) or poor cultures that you have worked in. The behaviours of the leader will have shaped what is expected and what they role modelled will have been the accepted way of doing things.

** IMPORTANTLY, a role model is not someone who is flawless or perfect.

Role Models make mistakes, and plenty of them because they are comfortable to challenge boundaries and norms and they know that to be a relevant and positive role model it will require them to evolve and grow constantly.

What effect can I create by being a role model?

To be a strong role model and leader of influence is incredibly important as we navigate our way through daily challenges that are not only local but also global.

In recent research by the McCrindle Group they report that the Coronavirus Pandemic had impacted 90% of Australians. People’s priorities have changed and our landscape for how we live and work has been completely disrupted. It has also amplified what’s working and what’s not. Herein lies your opportunity to be proactive and resilient as a leader and role model.

The effect you can create by being a strong role model is limitless

  • Increase your self-awareness

  • Achieve growth

  • Gain a seat at the leadership or board table

  • Strengthen your resilience

  • Build trust

  • Influence change in cultures and people

  • Improve results

  • Increase your confidence

  • Create a legacy you are proud of

  • Build a high performing team

  • Achieve promotions

  • Inspire others

This program is for you if you are:

  • A leader who is looking to scale their business through their team
  • A seasoned leader who wants to step up their leadership
  • You want to achieve growth, influence change and improve results
  • Wanting to build a high performing team
  • Wanting to achieve a promotion or seat at the leadership/board table
  • Wanting to increase your confidence, stand out from the crowd and make a name for yourself
  • First time leader – you may be an entrepreneur or transitioning from peer to leader.

This program is not  for you if:

  • You don’t want to be challenged to be better
  • You want to stay within your comfort zone
  • You are happy to stay under the radar
  • You don’t believe you can make a difference
  • You don’t believe in the power of role modeling
  • Mediocre is your thing.

How does this program work?

Over 7 weeks we will work through 5 modules to help you create the impact and influence you want to have as a leader.

You will also have 2 x individual mentoring sessions with me.


Ground Zero

We’ll meet you where you are at right now. You will get a solid understanding of who you are as a leader and role model at this current time.  We do this in a couple of ways, one being supported by a personal development tool that will provide you deep insights into your preferences and tendencies and your emotional intelligence strengths. By understanding where you are at now will enable you to understand where you want to stretch and become more agile as a leader.



We then elevate your thinking and get clarity on who you want to be as a leader and role model and importantly, what you want to be leading, shaping, influencing and changing as you move forward.



Now it’s time to amplify your influence and be a game changer. We’ll work out a plan for you to stand in your spotlight and inspire others to not only follow you but also trust in where you are leading them.



You can’t be successful on your own and your circle of influence plays an important role in the leader and role model that you are. Who you surround yourself with is important and we will work out whom you need to recruit onto your team.



We’ll create a road map for you to be able to do this consistently and understand where your high level checkpoints will be. This is where the rubber hits the road and where the talk is translated into action.

This program is jammed packed full of value and packs and incredible punch!

It’s not for the faint hearted but it is for those who are driven and hungry to be successful!

All the details you need

  • 7 x Live Group Sessions
  • 1 x 45 minute mentor session to work through any challenges or questions and to spend some laser focused time on your role model goals
  • 1 x Agile EQ Report and debrief (your 2nd mentor session)
  • Direct access to me for questions via email
  • Your investment is $1,997.00 + GST paid once or 4 x payments of $515 + GST
  • Value Guarantee – if you don’t get any value from this program, I will refund your money no questions asked.

How to get started

  • If you want to take your leadership to the next level.

  • If you understand the importance of being a role model and the difference it can make

  • If you want to be a game changer

  • If you want to achieve your goals and improve your results

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