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“Your people can be your greatest reward and also your greatest challenge.”

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Systems and frameworks in a business empower your people to succeed in their roles

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Your people are the power in your business. Not only are they the most important asset to your business, they are critical to your ongoing growth and success.

As leaders, our role is to enable and empower our people to succeed and grow in their roles, to be happy doing what they do and feel they are a valuable part of what you are creating.

With the right systems and frameworks we can:

Recruit the right people into your business

and onboard them in a way that sets the tone for their ongoing employment. In other words, start as you mean to go on.

Empower and enable your team to do their best work

engage their intelligence, help them understand where they fit and how they contribute to the bigger picture and encourage them to do so.

Align expectations

providing clarity on what success looks like for them both, for performance and acceptable behavioural standards.

Support their growth and provide a career direction

empower them to grow and challenge them to be the best they can be.

But the problem is……. time!

Too often the challenge for business owners and leaders is the time required to create frameworks, systems and processes that support the changing and growing needs of their team.

Leaders know they need to do this work, they know it will significantly benefit them in the long run, but there are other priorities taking their attention. So this work moves down to the bottom of the to-do-list and stays there.

So the people management side of the business becomes purely reactive and as a consequence:

  • The people in the business start to feel unvalued and unhappy
  • Your culture is negatively impacted
  • Performance drops off
  • The leader starts to feel incredibly frustrated with even more demands on their time

This is definitely not a win/win situation! The alarm bells start ringing because when things start to spiral out of control like this, it can be hard to turn it around. And if the alarm bells aren’t ringing yet, they will be. It’s only a matter of time!

These alarm bells often signal the need for support.

When situations like the above occurs it often becomes evident that you need some sort of HR presence to help you with the people management side of your business. This also commonly occurs as the head count hits the 15+ mark and people management starts taking up more and more time. But, whilst the need is certainly there, the P&L doesn’t necessarily support the additional expense of a full time salary.

This is when an outsourced solution is the perfect solution to overcome these challenges.

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