A Simple

We do a lot of work before we act. If the results are not as expected we work to exit quickly – we do not believe in massaging marginal assets.

Pan Asia’s management and investment philosophy is simple.  We act like owners because:

  • We aim for a stable and adaptable working environment which allows our technicians to focus on what matters so that performance and results will be achieved
  • Our staff are encouraged to make decisions and be accountable, naturally grooming them to act like leaders in their fields of focus
  • Our staff are discouraged from creating or participating in ineffective and bureaucratic decision-making processes

This allows us to achieve our objectives, which are:

  • To respond creatively to the demands of a quickly changing environment
  • To re-assess current opportunities as new information is generated
  • To position ourselves to act quickly and wisely when new opportunities present

Our shareholder – stakeholders reporting will be candid but at times our candor may be checked as it will prohibit our securing of new opportunities – good ideas and opportunities are rare.

Like Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger, we also eat our own cooking.