Three simple steps to peace of mind

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Choose a Custodian to:

  • Confirm your instructions after your death
  • Provisionally receive bills & subscriptions to be transferred

If you have an executor, they’re the best choice. If not, nominate someone you trust.

Connect your accounts...

Use a secure Open Banking link between BillWill & your bank to provide your billing and subscription data in minutes. 

... Or add your bills & subscriptions

It’s easy to input your account details using photos or relevant account numbers. 

Select bills to be closed or transferred

Choose to close or transfer each bill or subscription with a few clicks. Your instructions can be updated at any time. 

After your death

Your Custodian connects with BillWill to organise the closure or transfer of your bills & subscriptions in a few clicks, saving more than 50 hours of administrative burden.  


BillWill uses Open Banking, which is subject to the highest data security standards in Australia.

Consent for BillWill to receive your data is renewed annually and you will never allows you to share data with BillWill but does not allow BillWill to access or control your account.


Your loved ones may not know which billers to notify, or how to contact them. BillWill helps them easily identify your bills, while providing a single point of contact to manage closures and transfers. 

They only need to upload documents once and BillWill takes care of the rest. 


Finding and recording instructions for your bills using Open Banking takes minutes. While a smart annual review means keeping your BillWill up to date is a breeze.

For your loved ones, BillWill turns 50+ hours of post-death administrative burden into minutes. 

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Three simple steps to peace of mind
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